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Orthopedic surgeon

Gilles Voydeville

G.P. Voydeville. M.D.
I am an orthopaedic surgeon specialized in spine surgery : lumbar, thoraco-lumbar, lombo-sacral and sacro-iléum.
I have already been consulted by 30.000 patients, whom 10.000 were elected to surgery.
I practice always in the way of art with classic. I use innovating techniques when usual way is not efficient.
I have already given many lectures in congress. 
I wrote a lot of articles for specialized littérature in Spine Surgery

Disc herniation is treated by mini open approach and stabilisation with inter spinous processes device made of silicone wrapped in dacron.

Lumbar spinal stenosis is treated with laminotomy, partial arthrectomy or laminectomy.

Every operation is ended with local instillation of Ropivacaïne to lessen post opérative pain. 

 Dynamic stabilisation

I use as less as possible lumbar arthrodesis.
Since 15 years, I use to stabilize the spine with dynamic systems who do not block the natural movement of the body. I practice internal dynamic stabilization to avoid overuse of the neighbouring segments. 

For instance in spondylolisthesis till grade II, I have better results than with arthrodesis.

Idem in disc herniation récurrence.

Idem in scoliosis.

Idem in kyphosis.

Sacroiliac arthrodesis

  • A great number of patients suffer from sacroiliac (SI) pain but they, and their physician, ignore the diagnosis.
  • It is because the pain is not far from the lumbar area, exactly  starting from the groin and even giving pseudo sciatic pain in the posterior part of the limb, as far as the heel of the foot.
  • Maximum pain occurs during walk, rest and sometimes at bed. Cycling is not painful because the weight is suffered by the bike sadle.
  • Well operated patients in lumbar surgery may suffer from the SI joint.
  • Successfull SI joint infiltration relieving the pain, under TDM control, will prove the starter of the pain.

Spinous processes partial résection.

A lot of patients suffer from low back pain without evidence of  pathology in Tomodensitometry or Magnetic Resonance. Sometimes it is a tilt between spinous processes which need a very simple act to became safe.